Cleopatra 2525 Roleplaying Game

The Cleopatra 2525 play by e-mail RPG was started July 31. 2002 by Lioness, who is the game's moderator.

Rules and guidelines
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Rules and guidelines

You can be any character from the show, except those already taken - or you can make up your own character.
Try to make your character realistic. All-powerful or super heroes or villains are not fun to play with or against.

Read as much as possible of what's already written, so you know what's going on in the game.

Write from your character's point of view, in the third person and past tense. Don't speak for other characters, or describe what they do, except perhaps to note an expression on their face.
Try to write more than one-liners in you email, to give the other players something to play on!

When you have chosen or created your character, add her/him to the Cleo 2525 Character database.

I also suggest you skip over and have a look at August's excellent page about guidelines for roleplaying, for a Xena/Herc game.

Links to the game:

New Cleopatra 2525 RPG

New Cleopatra 2525 RPG OOC - Out Of Character discussion group


Last update: 8. January 2004