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I'm trying to create a complete as possible archive of Cleo2525 fan fic for old and new fans, so if you have saved any copies of any of the missing fics, or a fic not listed here, please email me at: darkamber at darkamber dot net.

F/F: female/female pairing (femslash)
F/M: female/male pairing (het)
M/M: male/male pairing (slash)
OC: original character

G: Suitable for all
PG: Suitable from ca: 13+
R: (Restricted) Suitable from ca. 15+ Rated for language, implied sex, nudity, mild violence. 
NC-17: For mature readers - not suitable for anyone below legal age. This means: if you're not legally an adult in your country, or don't like to read about sex or violence,  then  DON'T READ!  

[Mirrored] This means that the original site/page no longer exists, and that I've put up a copy of it on my own site. Anyone who objects to seeing their old fanficiton here, please email me.
MISSING - A fanfic I haven't been able to find (missing pages/sites on the net)


What's new

Beth Ann:


  • "New Worlds" - "This story is based in the Cleo universe, but with a twist.  Basically, I had some fun."




"The Creegan Journal" series


  • "Creegan's Holiday" - (NC-17 for language and explicit sex, M/F -  Creegan/OC)
  • "Wanted" - sequel to "Creegan's holiday" (NC-17 for language, explicit sex, M/F -  Creegan/OC)



  • "Curtain Drawn Aside" - "When Sarge attempts a rescue, she discovers something she didn't anticipate." (at


  • "Enigma" - "Cleo and the girls attempt a Mission: Impossible!" (PG)


Liv Simms:



Rose M. Guillerme:

  • "Under the Surface of the Globe" - "Desperately seeking Cleo.... Can Hel and Sarge find and rescue their missing friend in time ? Or will they have to choose between Voice's orders and Cleopatra ? Once again, the clock is ticking... and it's still not the biological one." (PG)



  • "2526" - "a new year's poem from Tblue."
  • "Cluckopatra 2525" - (Parody)
  • "Jack 2525" - "(a parody of parts!)  by Tblue, LMRS, and August"
  • "Motive" - "This is the first piece of fiction I wrote based on the series Cleopatra 2525, it takes a guess at the origins of Creegan, and speculates on the background of Hel's father."
  • "Rememberance" - Sequel to "Motive"



  • "Echo of a Hero" - (NC-17 for explicit f/f/f sex, consentual f/f/f BDSM, and m/f/f/f sex) "In the world of Cleopatra 2525, a new hope for mankind may have just been found. That is if Cleo, Hel, and Sarge can find the secret of Cyro chamber G.O.L.D. 7 before the betrayers or the evil psionic Raina do."
  • "Epic!" - "This story is a multiple genre adventure featuring the female members of Andromeda, Cleopatra 2525, Buffy, Lara Croft, Queen of Swords, and Xena. ONGOING." (NC-17, F/F)



  • "Shades of Grey" - "Hel begins to question her life and the identity of the Voice... but will the whole team have to pay the price for her answers?" (Part 1, unfinished) (G)
  • "Kindred Spirits" -  (Cleo2525/Farscape crossover) John Crichton and the crew of Moya finally reach Earth... but it is 525 years into the future. Takes place after the FARSCAPE episode, 'Back and Back and Back to the Future Again.' (G)



*Some of these fanfic stories have been "dug up" using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.


Updated: 17. November 2004
Created: 11. October 2003