Regular cast:
Gina Torres (Hel)
Victoria Pratt (Sarge)
Jennifer Sky (Cleopatra)
Patrick Kake (Mauser)
Elizabeth Hawthorne (Voice)


Plot synopsis:

The year is 2525, and the world has been turned upside-down. Monstrous airborne creatures known as the Baileys have driven the world s population underground, and taken over the Earth s surface.

Over centuries of Bailey domination, mankind s subterranean universe has grown into an immense labyrinth of shafts and corridors. The human populations inhabiting these domains have evolved independently over hundreds of years, giving rise to a vast array of diverse cultures. Bailey-engineered Betrayer robots, outwardly indistinguishable from humans, roam among the people, ready to warn their masters of any impending insurrection.

While most of humanity has abandoned hope of ever reclaiming the surface of the Earth, there are those who are still fiercely committed to that cause. Among these brave souls are the female warriors Hel and Sarge. They are joined by Cleopatra, who wakes up 500 years after being cryogenically frozen during breast implant surgery, and Mauser, the android that runs their lab. They are united in the most courageous of quests: to restore humanity to its rightful place on the planet.


Season 1 (half hour format)

1. Quest for Firepower

Hel and Sarge, two warriors in the year 2525, rescue Cleopatra, an aspiring actress who awakens from a cryogenic deep freeze after more than five centuries to find the world literally turned upside down.

Guest cast:
Davis Press (Horst)
Mark Williams (Cat Man)

2. Creegan

Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra must prevent the evil Creegan from purging Mauser of top secret information.

Guest cast:
Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Rodney Cook (Mutant #1)

3. Flying Lessons

Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra travel to the lower levels of the underground to rescue a young woman before she is sold to a mutant experimental lab.

Guest cast:
Patrick Wilson (Ek - slaver)
Graeme Bulling (Thusel)
Scott Chiplin (Bet)
Andrea Kelland (Old Crone/Slaver)
Erica Hooper (Stripper)
Slade Leef (Steroid Guard)
Clint Sharplin (Bartender)
? (Jinasta)

4. Mind games

Raina, a dangerous young woman with the power to control people's minds, attempts to find Voice by pitting Hel and Sarge against each other.

Guest cast:
Danielle Cormack (Raina)
Craig Hall (Guard)
Beven Hendrix (Good Looking Man)
Daniel Gillies (Cute Guy)
Lanny Joe (Punker)
Raj Varma (Dr. Huggin)

5. Home

Sarge is reunited with her sister Lily when she, Hel and Cleopatra go on a mission to find the Betrayer robot factory.
Guest cast:
Kate Elliot (Lily)
Ilona Whitehead (Young Sarge) 
Ruth Morrison (Young Lily)
Ben Cooke (Monroe)

6. Rescue

Attempting to save Sarge's sorely misled sister, Cleo winds up in a Betrayer robot factory. Can Sarge and Hel get to her before she's cloned and programmed for destruction?
Guest cast:
Kate Elliot (Lily)
Crawford Thomson (Betrayer #1) 
Wayne Peters (Betrayer #2)

7. Run Cleo Run

Sarge is wearing a collar that is set to detonate, and a cellulite monster is ready to give a map of the underground to the highest bidder. Can Cleo run fast enough to retrieve the map and save her crewmate from exploding to death?

Guest cast:
Ted Clarke (Mutant Auctioneer)
Murray Keane (Masked Face)
David Telford (Sluggo)

8. Choices

The women set about rescuing a resistance team by weeding out the Betrayer among them. But are Hel and Cleo willing to break up a happy family in the process?

Guest cast:
Calvin Tuteao (Xev)
Latham Gaines (Nole)
Jo-Anne Crichton (Dana)
Phillip Spencer Harris (Suterran #1)
Chelsea Howell (Alexa)
Gavin Sayles (Suterran #2)

9. Perceptions

Creegan's back...and hot on Voice's trail. Will Hel give up her leader when the evil one rears his manipulative little head?

Guest cast:
Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Darryl Brown (Carter - Hel's Father)
Rodney Cook (Mutant #1)
Maggie Harper (Researcher #1)
Jean Hyland (Catherine)
Syd Mannion (Researcher #2)

10. Trial and Error

Raina's mind games are back... But can her powers actually come in handy in thwarting Bailey domination?

Guest cast:
Danielle Cormack (Raina)
Rodney Cook (Scientist / Betrayer #1)
Jim McLarty (Psychologist)

11. Double

The Betrayers did a good job of cloning Cleo -- the double actually believes she's the real thing! Can Sarge and Hel figure out which one is their real teammate in time?

Guest cast:
Zoe Bell (Female Betrayer)
Bianka Sain (Cleo & Cleo 2 Double)

12. The Last Stand

He took her kidney, but left her with her life... Will Sarge's personal hero show his true colors, when the crew responds to an obscure radio transmission?

Guest cast:
Bruce Hopkins (Jake Lawson)
Eryn Wilson (Jerbo)

13. Hel and High Water I

A distress signal leads the team underwater, where they encounter a very curious civilization. Will the women find out why they're there, and why Cleo keeps hearing her mother's voice, before it's too late?

Guest cast:
Rupert Cocks (Granger)
Stephen Lovatt (Schrader)
Paula Keenan (Cleo's Mom)

14. Hel and High Water II

The girls find a Bailey underwater... But how long will it take for them to realize they should be directing their fear elsewhere?

Guest cast:
Rupert Cocks (Granger)
Stephen Lovatt (Schrader)
Paula Keenan (Cleo's Mom)

Season 2 (half hour format)

1. The Watch

Sarge is forced to hunt down her former Black Watch leader Slade in order to save her sister Lily's life.

Guest cast:
Kate Elliot (Lily)
Josephine Davison (Marla)
Kirk Torrance (Slade)
Chris Graham (Drake)

2. Baby Boom

Hel, Sarge and Cleopatra race against time to save an infant who has been programmed by the Bailies to detonate in the Underground.

Guest cast:
David Telford (Sluggo)
Ted Clarke (Barkeep)
Chris Easley (Guy/Betrayer)
Micheala Rodney (Female Scavenger)
Clint Sharplin (Lead Scavenger)
Brett Stewart (Male Scavenger)

3. Brain Drain

Hel is infected with a Bailey-engineered parasite that kills the host after all knowledge is drained from the host's brain.

Guest cast:
Grant Bridger (Confessor)
Russel Gowers (Dr. Jenson Manning)

4. Mauser's Day Out

Sarge devises a way to make Mauser more receptive to her sexual advances. Problem is, she isn't quite ready for what she's turned on...

Guest cast:
Judy McIntosh (Cara)
Mark Rounthwaite (Betrayer)
Siaobi Fonua (First Guard)
Graeme Timms (Third Guard)

5. Reality Check

It's 2001, and Cleo finds herself in L.A. with her boyfriend Johnny, recovering from her boob job. Could it be that all the adventures of 2525 were just a dream?

Guest cast:
Kieren Hutchison (Johnny)
Ross Brannigan (Male Cop)
Jennifer Rucker (Female Cop)
Andrew Kovagevich (Archie)
John Smith (Scientist/Old Johnny)

6. Pod Whisperer

Cleopatra and Sarge launch a rescue mission to save Hel, when she becomes trapped on the surface. But can Cleopatra save the day when Sarge loses control of Mauser's high-tech vehicle?

Guest cast:

7. Out of Body

Cleopatra is sent into another plane of existence when the evil mind controller Raina returns to exact revenge.

Guest cast:
Danielle Cormack (Raina)
Paul Barrett (Dr. Nason Lim)
Tim Bray (Patient)

8. Juggernaut Down

Cleopatra and her comrades experience a close encounter of the deadliest kind when they are pursued underground by a Bailey.

Guest cast:
Chris Dykzeul (Dwork)

(hour format)

9. Truth Be Told

Hel releases the evil Creegan from prison, believing he can help her find her father.

Guest cast:
Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Darryl Brown (Carter)
Patrick Griffiths (Betrayer leader)
Bruce Burfield (Guard)
Stephen Butterworth (Researcher)
David Geary (Betrayer #2)
John Leonard (Betrayer #1)
Mark Webley (Taskmaster)

10. In Your Boots

In an attempt to avoid his execution, Creegan uses one of his ingenious gadgets to switch bodies with Hel.

Guest cast:
Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Josephine Davison (Marla)
Matthew Sunderland (Tox)
Vivian Bryan (Woman)
Bruce Burfield (Guard)

11. The Soldier Who Fell From Grace

The team is broken up when Voice replaces Hel with Marcus, the first team leader of the Resistance.

Guest cast:
Stephen Finch (Marcus)
Clinton Elvy (Strayton)
Geoff Houtman (Holo-tech)
Peter Feeney (Kilgannon)
Timothy Lee (Bester Venitz)

12. No Thanks for the Memories

Sarge is charged with the murder of Dylan Degaillen, a noted member of the Black Watch who was acting as a double agent for Marla.

Guest cast:
Marton Csokas (Krider)
Tamati Rice (Dylan)
Josephine Davison (Marla)
Geoff Knight (Kavilo)
Aaron Lupton (Morgue Guard)
Lee Mroszak (Investigator)

13. Noir or Never

Believed to be carrying a strain of 21st century diseases, Cleopatra is pursued by the overzealous Bureau of Health.

Guest cast:
Glen Drake (Drack)
Mike Mizrahi (Tooley)
Stephen Finch (Marcus)
Glen Levy (Man)
David Mackie (Thin Guy)
David Telford (Sluggo)
Crawford Thomson (Dealer)
Mark Williams (Catman)

14. The Voice

Voice finally reveals herself in an attempt to save the Earth, which is about to come under a Bailey attack like never seen before.

Guest cast:
Joel Tobeck (Creegan)
Mark Ferguson (Confessor)
Colin Moy (Quint)
Paolo Rotondo (Porter)
Stacey Edgar (Lara)
Sam Clark (Guard)

Plot summaries taken from the defunct official site, which can still partially be found here (thanks to Internet Archive).

For more detailed plot summaries, check out Whoosh! Episode Guide .


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