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ASE level/sector
A level with an "Artificial Surface Environment". Extensive use of (hard-light?) holograms.

A group of people who live in a hidden environment on the bottom of a sea. Their ancestors seems to have fled the surface before the Bailey war. They were disgusted by how humans were destoying the environment.
They have been gen-engineered to both breath underwater and to tolerate the pressure at the sea bottom.
A group of Atlanteans tried to destroy the Undergound, using a pod power cell from a captured Bailey.
("Hel and High Water")


Bailey parasite
A genetically engineered organic data retrieval unit designed by the Baileys. It's designed to interface directly to the victim's nervous system, and it feeds on the victim's bio-energy. It is also designed to defend itself, so it may have a rudimentary
intelligence. The parasite leaves the victim when the victim is dead, and search for another. The parasite has a localizator which enables it to be found by Betrayers.
("Brain Drain")

Originally created to be environmental control units. They must have had artificial intelligence, since they developed minds of their own and started a war against humanity. The Baileys must have decided that humans were the greates threat to the Earth's environment, and set out to get rid of the problem.
Baileys are intelligent bio-mechanoids - part organic, part machine.
They can morph forth weapons - six (eight?) blaster cannons - when they turn into an aggressive mode. They can shoot fire from their "eye" (like a large flame thrower). They can also send out small, armed drones to pursue their enemies if they seek cover in terrain inaccessible to Baileys, like a forest.
In "Home and Rescue" a Bailey was seen to morph forth a spiked "foot" which it used to try and squash Hel and Sarge.
Baileys can pick up/deposit people or Betrayers by using a matter transmitter beam (or something like that).
In the center of their bodies the Baileys contain a "pod", a power cell which also seems to have a (rudimentary at least) mind.

Bester Vernitz
The neighbour of the Carter's (Hel's aunt and uncle).
("The Soldier Who Fell From Grace")

Clones created by the Baileys, used for infiltrating the Underground, for spying and sabotage. The Betrayer clones are impossible to tell from humans when they are in their human form.
They can regenerate quickly from damage.
When a Betrayer has taken heavy damage it sometimes morphs into a metallic humanoid. (organic metal? intelligent metal?)
Betrayers are programmed by the Baileys, and can't break or resist their programming.
The memories from the original humans are transferred to the Betrayer clone during the cloning process, which only takes minutes. Some Betrayers seem to have emotions, like their originals.
Betrayers can morph their fore arms into large blasters. In "Quest for Firepower" the Horst Betrayer clone also shot laser beams from it's eyes.
Newer Betrayer clones also have shields.
Betrayers have locator chips, and can send out distress signals or calls to other Betrayers.

The Black Watch
A gang of criminals which attacks levels and sectors.


Hel's father. Killed by Creegan.
Described by Creegan as "Voice's most valued follower".
("Perceptions", "Truth Be Told")

A former member of Hel's Voice-team?
"She went quickly, like Carla"
("Out of Body")

Human female. The wife of the man, Eward, who Mauser is a copy of.
("Mauser's Day Out")

A feline mutant male. Runs a medical and cryo storage facility.
("Quest for Firepower", "Noir or Never")

A dance. Popular on a hidden ASE level. (It reminded Cleo of the Macarena)

Said to have special powers, to be able to ease someone's emotional pain by sharing it.
("Brain Drain")

Human male. Major crime lord and villain. Voice and Hel's arch-enemy. His past is tightly woven in with Voice's and Carter's. Worked with Carter for Voice, until Voice decided he was psycologically unfit to work for her.
Leads an army of mutants.
("Creegan", "Truth Be Told", "In Your Booths", "The Voice")

Crono-molecular scan
Can be used to disclose Betrayers, as it reveals the biological age of the subject.A tissue sample has to be taken from the subject for the scan.


A former member of Hel's Voice-team?
"At least she didn't suffer, like Dev"
("Out of Body")

Distortion bomb
A weapon which seems to distort sensory imput and severely reduces one's ability to fight (or do anything at all).
("The Soldier Who Fell From Grace")

Human male. An agent for the Bureau of Health.Cleo's love interest in "Noir or Never".
("Noir or Never")

Human male. Member of "The Black Watch".
("The Watch")

Some villain. Possibly a member of a tunnel gang.
(Brief appearance in: "In Your Boots")

Derogatory name for surface dwellers. They believe theBailies are benevolent alien emissaries who uplift the chosen ones to the mother planet, where they are enlightened.
The theory in the Underground as to why the Baileys tolerate the Dworks living on the surface, is that the Baileys need neural tissue from humans to create new Baileys. They "harvest" the Dworks for that use, and also for creating Betrayer clones.
("Home", "Rescue")

Dylan DeGaillen
Marla's spy in The Black Watch. Double agent.
("No Thanks for the Memories")


A slaver in "Flying Lessons".


Flash cloning
A secret Black Watch project. Copies a persons body and memories in seconds. The clones are short-lived.
("No Thanks for the Memories")

The Food Wars
A war in the Underground in 2347. Dogs were extinct after that...


Pale and sickly looking humans (?). Deep level dwellers. They have low tolerance for heat and light. They seem to be poor scavengers.
Some of them also work for Sluggo.
("Baby Boom")

The standard, basic equipment for Hel's team. Different weapons and tools can be attached to the gauntlets, like a flashlight or a laser torch. The gauntlets also have a mini computer with a 3D holo screen and a communications link, and a localizator.

Shields: The gauntlets have a built-in shield generator.
McGraw gauntlet:
An older model.(Jake Lawson used those when he shot Sarge.)

An alcoholic drink.
("Flying Lessons")

One of the leader of the Atlanteans. "Good guy".
("Hel & High Water")

Guardian tag
Identifies someone as the guardian/parent of a minor child.
("Baby Boom")


Healing tube
Can be used to run bio med scans on a "patient", and heal them of injuries (and diseases?). Has a containment field.

Former member of Hel's voice team. Was at some point replaced by a Betrayer, then killed by Hel.
("Quest for Firepower")

An alcoholic drink.


Jake Lawson
A "protector". A famous mercenary who was hired by the more stable levels to protect them. He was known for never
charging a level too much for protection, never taking up a cause unless he believed in it, and never shoting a man in the back. He became a role model for Sarge.
He went "bad" and ended up being killed by Sarge.
("The Last Stand")

Human male. Tech wiz.
("The Last Stand")

The girl kidnapped by Mordecis in "Flying Lessons".

Cleo's boyfriend from the 21st century. Had himself frozen, hoping to find Cleo again. Died of old age.
("Reality Check")

A drug. An aphrodisiac, which acts like a resistance inhibitor; makes one falls in love, or rather "in lust", and impairs judgement.
("Flying Lessons")


Marla's aide.
("No Thanks for the Memories")

Former Voice team leader who quit. Involved in a resistance against Voice.
("The Soldier Who Fell From Grace")

Member of The Black Watch. Pretended to have left the Watch to trick Sarge. Gave Sarge her nickname. Dead.
("No Thanks for the Memories")


Mutant female. Member of Quint's Voice team.
("The Voice")

Dr. Nason Lim
Invented the transplane generator which gave Raina her psionic powers.
("Out of Body")

Human female. Sarge's sister. Originally from a Dwork village.
("Home", "Rescue", "The Watch")


Human female. Judge and leader of the Peace Keepers. Used to be a criminal, a bootlegger and slaver, until she was double-crossed by slavers, then rescued by Hel.
("The Watch", "In Your Boots", "No Thanks for the Memories")

A Betrayer robot, re-programmed by Voice and Hel. Member of Hel's Voice-team. A clone of Edward Mauser, a scientist.The team's tech expert.

Megatronic Distributor
Used to generate forcefields.
("The Last Stand ")

A health drink made from water and soil from deep under ground. Fortifying and cleansing.

Mnemonic Extractor
Extracts specific memories and converts them into holographic images.
Used on Sarge in "No Thanks for the Memories".

Mutants from the lower levels who ventures up to harvest (human) specimens for genetic experiments.
("Flying Lessons")

Mr. Pants
The robot dog Mauser made for Cleo. Named after her real dog in the 21st century.
("The Soldier Who Fell From Grace")


Nano thermite (?)
In "Trial and Error" Mauser injects Raina with a nano-thermite, a small bomb that can be made higly volatile if stimulated by the proper frequency.

The father who turns out to be a Betrayer in "Choices".


Photon Phaser
An energy weapon. In "The Voice" Cleo gets a "low yield photon phaser", which is for defense only, for her gauntlets.

Human male. Member of Quint's Voice-team.
("The Voice")

Psionic plane
A plane, or other dimension, of psionic energy.
After an accident, Hel's father gained the ability to enter this plane at will.
("Truth Be Told")


Human male. Voice team leader.
("The Voice")


Former voice team leader. Gained psionic powers after going through one of Voice's experiments.The aim of the experiment may have been to gain mental control of Betrayers or even Bailies. The experiment had side-effects, and Raina became a psychotic villain.
("Mind Games", "Trial and Error", "Out of Body")


One of the leaders of the Atlanteans. Grangers brother. Tried to destroy the Underground with a device built using stolen Bailey technology, and a Bailey "pod".
("Hel & High Water")

Shaft gear
Gauntlets with web launchers. Leg rockets.

Shaft racers
A vehicle outlawed in the 23. century. Mauser used the shaft racer as a model when he built the team's "pod racer".
("Pod Whisperer")

Shield generator
Generates a force field which protects from energy weapons. It doesn't seem to protect the wearer from low velocity attacks like kicks and punches, and webbing fired from a web launcher also penetrates it.
Newer Betrayer models have shields.
Hyper shields
: A more powerful shield type. (Mentioned in "Trial and Error")

"Sixth sensors"
Sarge misunderstood Cleo when she was talking about a "sixth sense". Cleo believed Hel's father was a ghost.

Some villain. Possibly a member of a tunnel gang.
(Brief appearence in: "In Your Boots")

Human male. Leader of the Black Watch.
("The Watch")

Android/mutant? male. Scavenger. Has a weakness for beautiful women.
("Run Cleo Run", "Baby Boom")

A member of Marcus' Voice team, who turns out to be a Betrayer.
("The Soldier Who Fell From Grace")


Tanning salon
Where you go to get some vitamine D, and a nice tan. Customers can rent (?) VR glasses.
("Baby Boom")

Thought inhibitor
A helmet-like gadget used on Raina to disable her psionic powers.
("Mind Games", "Trial and Error")

Someone who've been cryogenically frozen, then "thawed". Some medical facilities uses cryo-frozen bodies as spare parts.
Some Thaws may get white patches of (dead) skin on their bodies from a flawed freezing process, or extensive use of cryo fluid.

Leader of the Bureau of Health. Had Thaws kidnapped. Planned to unleash a plague extracted from Thaw's on the Underground, to gain power. Shot by Sarge, who used Marcus's antique gun.
("Noir or Never")

Villain. Human? Was/is in a tunnel gang (was in the same gang as Creegan?).
("In Your Boots")

Transplane generator
A device created by Dr. Lim to expand the powers of the mind. Creegan and Carter also worked on this device for Voice.
It opens a portal accessing the plane of psionic energy.
When used as a weapon it transfers (solid) matter to the psionic plane; it disappeares from our plane of existence.
("Out of Body")


An euphoric drug in gas form. A user is a "gas addict". A bad trip is called "vapor lock".
("Brain Drain")

The mysterious commander of the Voice-teams, and the fight against the Baileys and Betrayers to reclaim the surface. Heard, but never seen - until "The Voice".


Leader of a Voice-team. His team mates were killed by a Betrayer on an ASE-level, and later Xev was killed by the same Betrayer.


Zondee defense gauntlet
The type or model of gauntlets that Hel has. Old, dated weaponry.
("Quest for Firepower")


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